Courses/ Curriculum: Courses that we will be offering and a description of each course.


• Session with Instructors: 2 times a week [3-4MONTHS]
• Maximum Enrollment: 20 Students per instructor

 Course Fee: $3,000 Plus applicable taxes

Clinical Skills Training Program [fast track Course]
• A 1.5 month intensive program on restorative dentistry and fixed prosthodontics, with practice sessions. (As per the requirements of various schools/universities across U.S.A & Canada)

• Course Duration: 1.5 Months (6 Weeks)

• Sessions with Instructor : 12 (2 times a week) Monday & thurs/fridays

• Maximum Enrollment: 20 Students per instructor. This program comprises 3 modules which will be covered in 6 weeks (20 seats)

MODULE I  Fixed prosthodontic preps

• Rubber Dam Application in various clinical situations, All Metal crown, PFM crown, All ceramic crown,discussion on Infection Control protocols and Record Keeping.

MODULE II  Restorative

• Class II & MOD Preps for Amalgam and Composite, Class III AND Class IV.

MODULE III Restorations

• Class IV build up, Provisional Crown, Endodontic Access Preparation in upper and lower Molar . 

Course fee: $2,500 Plus applicable taxes

GUIDED PRACTICE SESSIONS FOR BEGINNERS - 5 days a week self practice  [This is only for those students who have completed their Clinical Skills Training Course at TCCDS]

Preparations, Restorations and other procedures will be evaluated 2-3 times a week. Practicing students have to bring their own instruments and materials for their sessions.

Course fee: $500 plus applicable taxes per month


centre advises participants to bring their own instruments and materials intially like;  Brasseler Burs, Finishing stones and disks,Rubber Dam Kits, Materials, Regular, Multilayered and Simulated caries teeth.centre would provide Gloves and Masks.
Students will bring their own Kilgore Typodont with 32 teeth,
soft gums and Oral cavity cover;

4-hole High speed Hand piece; 4-hole Slow speed Hand piece;Lubricant Spray for the handpiece;
Scrubs (Clinic apron) and Magnifying Loupes with lights and Safety glasses. 

We would be focussing primarily on : ways to avoid common errors like open contacts or overhangs in class II restorations and guide you in doing restorations efficiently and precisely with proper carving and contouring as required in Canadian and US exams .

We will guide you how to do ideal crown preps using putty index and fabricating provisional crowns with adequate thickness and finish of the margins and to avoid chips and cracks on the crowns.

participants will have close to ideal preps available at centre as shown in design gallery to mimic their preps.

please note; we will not be encouraging every candidate to sit in exams espl(NDEB) and waste their money/fee on various training programs offered,instead will pre-screen or evaluate individual's work to make sure they are competent enough for a right program as per their skill level,to sit in a respective exam.

self practicing candidates or from other centres would be welcomed to have their re-evaluations done once/week to advise them if they are ready to sit in respective exams.please email/call centre for further details.