About Us

TCCDS was founded in association with West Metro Dental in 2011, and expanded to a larger facility to provide upscale audio / visual teaching aids, along with a state of the art simulation centre.

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Goal & Vision

Our vision is to help you become a better clinican and be able to serve patients and be a part of the community in the best possible way. Our goal is make you realize the difference in precision and excellence TCCDS will add to your skills. 

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Who Would Benefit?

If you are a practicing dentist in Canada or if you are a new graduate licensed to practice, the programs at TCCDS are designed to enhance and advance your skills, to give you the knowledge and confidence to advance in your career.

TCCDS is a certified AGD PACE Provider. This allows you as a practicing dentist in Canada, to gain valuable CE points, while learning something unique and useful for everyday practice. 


Our centre incorporates real world cases to better assist you in understanding the designs on natural teeth. This will help you visualize the importance of ideal prep designs. 

Our aim is to deliver one-on-one training to impart maximum value of training to the participants.

Participants will have the opportunity to be part of a study club, and will have mentorship from the faculty after licensure to help them add more practical skills into their portfolio.